Hi, welcome to my genealogy homepage...... The families whose heritage I hope to share with you are Shelton (my dad) and Wyatt (my mom) plus a few of the interesting folks connected to them over the years.

This genealogy is not intended to be a conclusive work, If you are into genealogy, then you know that many records are difficult to read, census lists vary somewhat, especially when it concerns the spelling of surnames. Dates often differ, or may not be legible. I have made every effort to verify facts where possible, and have listed sources and notes on each page in a footnote format. If errors are found, please bring them to my attention for correction.

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Beginning with Jordan Wyatt and Susannah Welch, married in Madison County Kentucky in 1803, and had a son, Jordan that came to Texas from Estell County, Kentucky in 1846.

Family Ties: Index
Albritton. Bowers. Brooks. Collins. Cox. Crider. Dodd. Garrett. Garton. Herridge. Holstein. Howard. Hughes. Jennings. Key. Lumley. Meador. Newton. Petty. Pierce. Prichard. Shelton. Sorrills. Stephens. Stribling. Warren. Welch. Wesian. West.


Beginning with Ralph Shelton and his wife, Ann Taylor married in Grainger County Tennessee in 1838, and whose great grandson, Cyrus Waite Shelton came to Texas from Pulaski County Kentucky about 1885.

Family Ties:Index
Adkins/Atkins. Banks. Burton. Freeman. Harrison. Howell. Hutchins. Johnson. Kelly. Kinnett. Kirkpatrick. Mallicoat. Owens, Parker. Rutledge. Steelman. Sullivan. Taylor. Thacker. Vick. Whitehurst/Whitis.Wyatt

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Samuel Azariah Shelton Family of Missouri.
Family Photograph Album

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