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Descendants of Jordan and Susannah Wyatt
~3rd generation continued~

Jordan Wyatt 1866-1935

Jordan Wyatt, III (the 3rd) known as just plain "J" to his friends and "Uncle Bud" to family, was born on 4 October 1866 in Burnet County Texas. He was the fourth son and sixth child of Jordan and Charlotte Wyatt.

Jordan first married his cousin, *Zona Petty. Marriage license in Lampasas County, dated 24 July 1886. According to family lore, this marriage lasted only a few weeks. The story goes: She sit on the fence every day crying from homesickness, til very soon he sent her home to her family, who at that time were living at Warrior Station, later to become the city of Ft. Worth. Zona eventually re-married, another of her cousins, *Alford Thomas Drake and settled in Caddo, Oklahoma; then Indian Territory.

Record of divorce of Jordan and Zona marriage found in the District Court Minutes of Burnet County, dated Saturday October 12, 1889.

Jordan married Ada Ann Herridge on 25 November 1889 in Llano County Texas.

Ada Ann was the daughter of William Christmas Herridge and Lucy Ricketts.
She was born in Tiscomingo County Mississippi on 5 November 1868. She came with her family to Texas at about the age of ten. They settled near the town of "Old" Bluffton, in Llano County, just across, and down the river from the Wyatt Farm.

Jordan and Ada Ann lived in Burnet County near where they both grew up. They were the parents of five girls:

1) Cora Lee Wyatt, b. 28 April 1891, d. 6 August 1968, burial Bluffton Cm. Llano County. Married James Lon Wyatt on 25 July 1908 in Burnet County Texas. They had seven children, one died infant.
James Lon Wyatt was born 25 February 1884 in Brown County Texas, died 13 April 1962, burial in Bluffton Cemetary, Llano County Texas. He was the son of William Bell Wyatt and Mary E._____.

2) Anne Belle Wyatt, b. 29 September 1894, d. 20 October 1966, burial in Santa Cruz, California. Married William Albert Hawkins on 13 June 1912 in Lampasas County Texas. Five children.
William Hawkins was born 19 January 1870 in Tallahassee, Florida, died 22 February 1954 in Santa Cruz, California. He was the son of William Hawkins and ____Clark.

3) Willie Mae Wyatt, b. 28 November 1896, d. 14 February 1937, burial in Bluffton Cm. Llano County. Married Charles Memphis Meador on 8 April 1915 in Burnet County Texas. They had five children, two died infants.
Charles Meador was born 31 May 1881, died 29 February 1944, burial in Bluffton Cemetary, Llano County Texas, He was the son of George F. Meador and Emeline Lumley.*

4) Eva Lois Wyatt, b. 25 August 1899 in Llano County, d. 11 January 1980, burial Dallas, Texas Married Charles Harrison Brooks on 3 April 1915 in Burnet County Texas. They had two children.
Charles Brooks was born in Springfield, Missouri, 1878 , died 1929 in Dallas, Texas. He was the son of Charles Harrison Brooks and Mary Ann Sellers.

5) Ada Mirl Wyatt, b. 13 February 1902, d. 10 july 1982, burial in San Antonio, Texas. Married Bodo Carl Wisian 6 March 1919 in Austin, Texas. They had ten children.
Bodo Wisian was born 4 May 1898 in Lockhart, Texas, died 13 December 1940 in Gillispie County Texas, burial in Austin , Texas. He was the son of William F. Wisian and Ida Louise Haas.

Ada Ann died on 25 February 1902 complications of childbirth, just 12 days after the birth of Ada Mirl. She was buried in the Bluffton Cemetery, and hers is one of the graves moved to the new location when they moved the town.

Jordan remained single for thirteen years following her death. He raised his daughters with the help of family, and most particularly his sister-in-law, Ellen (Herridge) and her husband, George Meador.

On 11 April 1915, in Burnet County, Jordan married Dollie Harriet Crider, Herridge. She was the widow of James Herridge, brother of Ada Ann.

James and Dollie were married in 1888 and had seven children: Walter James Herridge, Willie Armour Herridge, George Thomas Herridge, Bettie Elizabeth Herridge, Bessie Anne Herridge, Myrtle Rosie Herridge, and Maggie Elvie Herridge.
James died of Typhoid Fever in 1906. At the time of his death their oldest child was seventeen and the youngest not yet born. She raised them all, mostly in the cotton fields around the Bluffton area and it was hard times.

When Jordan and Dollie married she had been a widow for nine years. She had four children left at home and Jordan had one.
Jordan and Dollie had two children:

1) Verlie Dorine Wyatt, born 20 March 1916. Married Walker Banks Shelton on 6 February 1937 in Burnet County Texas, they had two children. She married Reuben James Martin, no children.
Walker Banks Shelton was born 28 December 1917 in Burnet County Texas, died 4 April 1983 in Lubbock, Texas, burial in Watson Cemetary, Burnet County. He was the son of Cyrus Waite Shelton and Susie Regina Banks.

2) Lowell Curtis Wyatt, born 9 December 1918. Married Dorotha Florene Dodds, on 24 September 1940. They had four children.
Dorotha was born 24 August 1921 in Burnet County Texas. She was the daughter of Marshall Eddie Dodds and Inez Elizabeth Barton.

On 20 March 1916, the very day Verlie was born, Jordan and Dollie moved to the Samuel W. Wallis farm, just barely getting moved in before the event.
The Wallis Farm was located about 8 miles west of the town of Burnet near a little community known as Spring Creek.
Shortly after moving there, "Grandpa Wallis" as he became known and loved by all the family, moved into the house with them.

In 1926, Grandpa Wallis sold the farm and moved to San Antonio to live with his adopted daughter, and Jordan moved his family out west to Winters, Texas where his brother Mark had already moved.
Jordan went ahead of the family by wagon with all the household goods, and Dollie traveled by train with Verlie, Curtis and Maggie in tow.

Being unhappy in the city and missing the kids, Grandpa Wallis wrote that he was buying a house in town of Lake Victor. He wanted the family to move back with him. So not being very fond of West Texas anyway, Jordan and Dollie were happy to go back to Burnet County.

This time Jordan hired a truck to move everything, and himself riding on the back. Just before getting into the town of Burnet he was pulled off the truck by a low hanging highline wire. He spent considerable time in the hospital in Austin, but the rest of the family got moved in.

This was 1928, and Lake Victor, located about 12 miles north of the town of Burnet, was practically a metropolis. The railroad being the big thing then and cattle was shipped from the depot there. Now it is practically a ghost town, bypassed by highway 281 and the small lake there long dried up.

Though Samuel Wallis was not blood kin, my mother thought of him as her grandpa as she was growing up, and except for the two years in Winters, he lived with them until he died in 1929. In his will he left the house to Jordan and Dollie, and they both finished out their life in that little house in Lake Victor.

Jordan died on 4 November 1935, and Dollie died 2 January 1955. Both are buried in the new Bluffton Cemetary.

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The new Bluffton Cemetary is located on RR 2241 between Buchanan Dam and Llano.
Family interviews.
Marriage records, Burnet, Lampasas and Llano Counties.
Birth and death records Burnet and Llano Counties.

*Zona Petty, born c1871, was the daughter of David William and Martha (Perry) Petty.
*Alford Thomas Drake, born c1857, was the son of James Monroe Drake and Clarissa (Petty) Drake.

*Emeline Lumley, daughter of George Washington and Elizabeth Lumley was the sister
of Rosanna Lumley, Prichard. (Click Dollie's Story link above)

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