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Descendants of Jordan and Susannah Wyatt
~3rd generation continued~

Isom R. Wyatt 1856-1913

Isom R. "Ike" Wyatt was the third child and son of Jordan and Charlote Wyatt. He was born about 1856, probably in Burnet County Texas.

Little is known of him at this writing aside from what can be learned from census records.
He married Nancy C. Cox, Ray on 10 February 1883 in Llano CountyTexas. Nancy was the widow of William Ray. She had three children: John Robert Ray, Bettie Ray and William B. Ray.

And she was a sister to Mary Ann Cox, first wife of Andrew Jackson Wyatt, and half sister to his second wife, Ellen Frances Warren.

Isom and Nancy had six children: Demsey Wyatt, Virgil Wyatt, Minnie Wyatt, Harvey Wyatt, Susan Wyatt and Riley Wyatt.

In the Bell County census 1900, John Robert Ray and his infant daughter, Anne are living in the home of of Isom and Nancy. Apparently his wife died as none is listed. He remarried and had two daughters, the oldest, Nancy Isom Ray was three years old when her mother died. In a letter to me she said that she lived with her grandmother most of the time until she married in 1924.
She wrote that her step-grandfather, Isom Wyatt died when she was about six years old, and remembered little about him; except that he was tall, had dark hair and was "very good to me".

Isom Wyatt died in the spring of 1913 in Aquilla, Hill County Texas, and Nancy died on 15 December 1936.


Family interviews.
Census records of Bell County 1900. Hill County 1910.

The second wife of John Robert Ray was Addie Hughes. She died in childbirth in 1909.
The baby, a girl, was named William Virgil. When she grew up she changed her name to Evelyn.
....don't you just love these little tidbits!!
The third wife of John Robert Ray was Anne Josephine Bowers, daughter of Peter B. Bowers
and Mary Charlotte Wyatt...(another page)

I did not do a lot of in depth research to verify information given to me in the family interviews.
I recommend you do so before accepting as fact.
Addition and corrections to these pages are welcome.


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