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From Bluegrass to Bluebonnets______________________________________________________

Descendants of Jordan and Susannah Wyatt
~3rd generation continued~

Andrew Jackson Wyatt 1853-1919

Andrew Jackson Wyatt was born 7 December 1853, probably in Bell County Texas. Sometimes called "Andy" and sometimes "Jack", he was the second child of Jordan Wyatt and Charlotte Petty.

He married Mary Ann Cox on 6 May 1877 in Hamilton County Texas. They appear on the 1880 census
of Burnet County living neighbors to his parents. Andrew and Mary had four children:

John Robert Wyatt, born 8 march 1878 in Burnet County Texas. Died 25 march 1970, burial in Lubbock, Texas. Married Martha Lou Rodgers on 13 June 1898 in Bell County Texas. They had five children.
Martha was born 17 April 1873 in Union County Mississippi, died 6 July 1961 in Lynn County Texas.
She was the daughter of Richard Rodgers and _____Hill.

William Nathan Wyatt, born 8 April 1879 in Burnet County Texas. Died 30 January 1961 in Hill County Texas. Married Ollie Dine Upchurch on 10 March 1907 in Hill County. They had Four children.
Ollie was born 5 January 1880, died 14 February 1916, Hill County Texas. She was the daughter of William Howard Upchurch and Margaret Hughes.

Margaret Wyatt, born c1880, died 14 December 1937. Married šTurnbo, ˛Virgel A. Wyatt.
Virgel Wyatt was born c1885. He was the son of Isom Wyatt and Nancy Cox, Ray.
Margaret had one son, John Turnbo. Others ?

Jordan Wyatt, born 21 March 1884 in Burnet County Texas, Died 9 June 1951, burial in Levelland, Texas. Married Minnie Lee Kelly c1907 in Hill County Texas.

A granddaughter states that Mary died when her father was born, so that would place her death in March 1884.

Andrew's second wife was Ellen Frances Warren. They married in Llano County on 15 December 1890. Ellen was a half sister to his first wife, Mary Ann Cox.

They are listed in the 1900 census of Bell County Texas, but by 1910 they are settled in Hill County, and Jack died there on 18 January 1919, Ellen died on 30 June 1956. Both are buried in Covington, Hill County.

Andrew and Ellen had nine children:

Claud Eugene Wyatt, born 6 January 1892. Died 27 March 1975 in Hill County, burial in Itasca, Hill County Texas. Married Lillian Roberts in Cleburne, Texas on 6 February 1924. They had three children.
Lillian was born 25 November 1907 in Glen Rose, Texas, died 18 June 1977 in Itasca, Texas. She the daughter of Leonard Roberts and Danie Moten.

Andrew Wyatt, 1893-1893

Susie Anne Wyatt, born 18 April 1894 in Burnet County. Married John Matthew Morrison, in Hill County on 14 December 1918. They had no children.
John Morrison was born 9 August 1868 in Cherryville, North Carolina, died 5 November 1947, burial in Cleburne, Johnson County Texas. He was the son of John Morrison and Elirah Stroupe.
Susie was John's second marriage. His first wife was Maud Margarita Woodard.

Carl Wesley Wyatt, born 14 February 1897 in Burnet County. Died 13 November 1977, burial in Jacksonville, Texas. Married Rosie Reed. Five children (?)

Mollie Lou Wyatt, born 9 March 1901 in Bell County. Married Earnest Robert Blocker in Hill County on 11 March 1918. They had eight children.
Earnest Blocker was born 7 August 1894 in Milam County Texas, died 17 February 1979, burial in Itasca, Hill County Texas. He was the son of Sam Blocker and Sarah Jane Green.

Eula Mae Wyatt, born 6 December 1905 in Corsicana, Texas. Died 21 March 1983 in Tarrant County, burial in Cleburne, Texas. Married John Houston Morrison on 20 December 1926 in Stephenville, Texas. They had six children.
John Houston Morrison was born 8 August 1908 in Anson, Jones County Texas, died 21 march 1983, burial in Cleburne Texas. He was the son of John Matthew Morrison and Maud Margarita Woodard.

Bula Bell Wyatt, born 6 December 1905 in Corsicana,Texas. Died 18 October 1955, burial in Itasca, Texas. Married Martin Burnett in Itasca on 14 June 1924. They had three children.
Martin Burnett was born 6 April 1906 in Texas. He was the son of George Washington Burnett and Dollie G. Porter.

Ethel Lee Wyatt, born 1 October 1908 in Covington, Texas. Married Edgar Thomas Helms on 10 July 1926 in Itasca, Texas. They had eight children.
Edgar Helms was born 25 may 1906 in Missouri, 21 September 1974, burial Itasca, Hill County Texas. He was the son of _____Helms and Mary Ann Baker.

Bufford Jay Wyatt, born 3 April 1912 in Osceola, Texas, died 30 October 1982, Tarrant County, burial in Itasca, Texas. Married Ruby Temple in Hill County Texas, 1934.



Family interviews.
Census records of Burnet, Bell, and Hill Counties.
Marriage records of Hamilton and Llano Counties.

I did not do a lot of in depth research to verify information given to me in the family interviews. I recommend you
do so before accepting as fact.

Additions and corrections to these pages are welcome..

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