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Descendants of Jordan and Susannah Wyatt
the third generation

William Bell Wyatt 1851-1932

William Bell "Bill" Wyatt was the first child and son of Jordan Wyatt and Charlotte Petty. He was born in Bell County Texas on 21 January 1851.

Bill, apparently smitten with the "wanderlust", was a drover and cattle raiser. He lived in many areas of West Texas during his lifetime, and obviously, from all all reports, kept little touch with the family.

He married Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" about 1871. Census places them in San Saba County in 1880. They had five children:

Ada Wyatt, born c1872, died 1895, married Ezekiel Beam.

Arminta Jane Wyatt, born 23 June 1876, died 8 June 1966 in Plainview,Texas. Married James William Temples 2 May 1924 in Plainview.

Sophrona "Susie" Wyatt, born 22 February 1880, died 11 November 1979. Married Ezekiel Beam.

George William Wyatt, born 10 June 1883, died 7 April 1972 in Floresville, Texas, married Annie Lee Hennessy 21 March 1913.

James Lon Wyatt, born 25 February 1884 in Brown County Texas, died 13 April 1962, married Cora Lee Wyatt on 25 July 1908 in Burnet County Texas.
Cora was born 28 April 1891, died 6 August 1968. She was the daughter of Jordan Wyatt and Ada Ann Herridge.

According to family lore, Bill spent a lot of time on cattle drives, and was away from home for long periods. These absences undoubtably contributed to the breakup of his marriage to Mary. For whatever reason they were apparently divorced by 1885.

Not long after the break-up, Mary Elizabeth married James F. Stephens, who was previously married to Bill's sister, Susannah.
Living out their life in Wilson County Texas, James and Mary raised five children of their own, plus the five Wyatt children, who never saw their father again, and thought him dead many years before the fact.

Bill continued to travel, and for a time he drove a freight wagon from Wichita Falls, Texas to points West.
About 1890 he married Emma Georgia Boydston. They reportedly had eight children, but only four lived past infancy. They are:

Mary E. Wyatt, born 28 February 1891 in Montique County Texas, died 28 September 1983. Married Marion Lee.

Dorah Omega Wyatt, born 15 April 1895 in Wise County Texas, died 8 September 1980 in Abilene, Texas. Married Archie D. Wyatt on 4 September 1912 in Abilene.
Archie D. Wyatt was born on 25 December 1891 in Burnet County, died 9 December 1977 in Abilene, Texas. He was the son of Mark Wyatt and Mary Jane Pierce.

Cora Wyatt, born c1896, died c1915.

Joseph Richard Wyatt, born 26 January 1909 in Young County Texas, died 6 December 1981. Married Dora Allie Lee.

Emma Georgia Boydston was born on 22 November 1869 in Springfield, Missouri. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Boydston and Nancy Osborne. She died on 2 August 1916 while traveling near Loving, Texas, and is buried there.
Following her death, Bill married Laura Bell, a widow with several chidren. Nothing is known of his life with Laura. They lived in Jack County Texas. Had no children together.

Bill died in Jack County Texas on 4 February 1932.


information from family interviews.
Census records of San Saba, Wilson, and Jack Counties.
Death Records, County Clerk, Bexar County.

Re: Mary Elizabeth: (1st wife) The census records list her birthplace as Arkansas. Her death record states she
was born on 6 March 1853. She died 29 January 1934 in Bexar County Texas. It does not give parents name.
There is a record of marriage in Bell County Texas for a William B. Wyatt and Mary E. Bartley, 12 July 1871
which I feel is their marriage, however her decendants think that her maiden name
may have been Nichols.
I note this merely for research purposes.
Also I did not do a lot of in depth research to verify information given to me in the family interviews.
I recommend you do so before accepting as fact.
Additions and corrections to these pages are welcome.


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