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My Sorrells Line

(01) John Sorel, born c1756,place unknown. He was 66 years old in February 1822 when he applied for pension while a resident of Butler County Kentucky. He is believed to be the John Sorrels in the 1782 tax list, and the 1790-1800 census records of Rutherford County North Carolina. May also be the John Sorrels on the 1810 census of Barren County Kentucy. He was on the census of Butler County Kentucky in 1820-1840, and on the tax lists of Butler County from 1818 to at least 1843.

John Sorel enlisted in North Carolina 1 May 1780 for ten months service in the Revolutionary War. The name of his wife is not known, but both he and his wife were living in Butler County in 1840; their ages were between 80 and 90. He is the ancestor of many, or all, who are on record by that surname in Butler County. (name sometimes found spelled Sarles, Sollers by census enumerators) The following are believed to bee John's children.

(02) William Sorrell, born c1785 in North Carolina, married Margaret about 1813.

(03) Nancy E. Sorrells, born c1815
(03) Sally Sorrells, born c1822
(03) James Worthington Sorrells, born c1823
(03) John K. Sorrells, born c1823
(03) Margaret Sorrells, born c1832
(03) William David Sorrells, born c1834
(03) George H. Sorrells, born c1839

(2) Charlotte Sorrells, born c1795 in North Carolina, died c1865 in Texas. Married Theophalus Petty,Jr. in Butler County Kentucky, 31 January 1818. Theophalus, born c1795 in North Carolina , was the son of Theophalus Petty,Sr. of Butler County Kentucky census 1810-30.

(03) Clarissa Petty, born c1820 in Kentucky, died 4 July 1905 in Burnet County Texas, married James Monroe Drake on 17 April 1844 in Butler County Kentucky.
James Drake was born c1824 in Kentucky, died 1897 in Burnet County Texas.

(04) Sarah Jane Drake, c1845 in Ky, m. Jackson Wilcox, Burnet County Tx on 2 May 1867.
(04) James Walker Drake, b. c1847 in Ky, m. Texana Casbeer, Bell County Tx, 8 Nov. 1870.
(04) Burrella "Burr" Drake, b. c1852, in Tx.2
(04) Theophalus Drake, b. c1854 in Tx, m. Lucinda Hudson, in Burnet County, 26 July 1877.
(04) Alford Thomas Drake, b. c1857 in Burnet County Tx, d. 1929 in Oklahoma, m.¹Mary Ann Smith, ²Martha Louise Hudson, ³Zona Petty.
(04) Andrew Drake, b. c1859 in Tx.
(04) Pauline Drake, b. c1862 in Tx, m. Louis M. Whitney, 2 March 1876 in Burnet County Tx.
(04) David F. Drake, b. c1864 in Tx, m. Mary Kay Whitney.

(03) Elizabeth Petty, born c1822 in Kentucky, died c1850 in Texas, married John B. Woodward on 6 April 1842 in Butler Coubty Kentucky. Census records indicate their two were raised by their grandparents, Theophalus and Charlotte Petty.

(04) Henry Woodward, c1843. (need information)
(04) Frances Woodward, c1850. (need information)

(03) Charoltte Petty, born c1824 in Kentucky, died 5 July 1889 in Burnet County Texas, married Jordan Wyatt in 1849 in "Bexar Land District" of Texas. Jordan was the son of Jordan and Susannah (Welch) Wyatt of Estell County Kentucky.

For details see: Jordan and Charlotte Wyatt

(03) John W. Petty, born c1832 in Kentucky, married Mary A. Crisp on 18 July 1872 in Burnet County.

(04) Ellen Petty, c1873, Texas.
(04) Emma Petty, c1876, Texas.
(04) John Petty, 1878, Texas.

(03) Sally A. Petty, born c1835 in Kentucky.
(03) Nancy Jane Petty, born c1835 in Kentucky. (twins)
(03) Emeline Petty, born c1840 in Ky, m. William H. Perry on 2 July 1867 in Williamson County Texas.
(03) David William Petty, born c1844 in Kentucky, died 12 January 1923 in Caddo,Oklahoma. Married Martha Elizabeth Perry on 23 December 1866 in Williamson County texas,

(04) John D. Petty, c1868 in Texas.
(04) Theophalus Petty, c1869 in Texas, died 20 November 1916, married Cynthia Caroline Wallace on 2 January 1892 in Collin County Texas.Cynthia was born 27 March 1878, and died 1 December 1970. Both Theophalus and Cynthia died in Collin County.
(04) Zona C. Petty, c1871 in Texas, died 1970 in Caddo, Oklahoma. She married ¹Jordan Wyatt, son of Jordan Wyatt and Charlotte (Petty) Wyatt. license in Lampasas County, 24 July 1886, divorced October 1889. Married ²Alford Thomas Drake,cousin Alford, b. c1857, was the son of James Monroe Drake and Clarissa (Petty) Drake.
(04) Flora E. Petty, c1874 in Texas, married a Myrick.
(04) Alzada Petty, c1879 in Texas, married a Adair.

(02) Christian A."Christa" Sorrells, born c1795, North Carolina, married Titus Bennett 1 October 1829 in Butler County. Living in Ohio County Kentucky, census 1870.
(02) David Sorrells, born c1797, North Carolina, died Texas, married Sarah "Sally" Petty , in Butler County Kentucky, 12 January 1818. Sally, born c1799, believed to be the daughter of Theophalus Petty,Sr.

(03) John Sorrells, born c1820, married Emily Ann Woodward, 12 January 1841 in Ohio County Kentucky.
(03) William H. Sorrells, born c1821, died in Missouri, married Mary Ann Sandifer, 11 December 1845 in Ohio County Kentucky. He married (2nd) Malinda B, Sandifer, Shown, 8 January 1855 in Ohio County.
(03) Christa A. Sorrells, born c1822, married Oscar H. Bennett, 23 January 1843 in Butler County Kentucky.
(03) Elizabeth Sorrells, born c1830
(03) Charlotte Sorrells, born c1832
(03) Landrum Sorrells, born c1834
(03) Harriet M. Sorrells, born c1836, married Thomas S. McMullen 11 November 1853 in Butler County Kentucky.
(03) Richard Perry Sorrells, born c1839.

(02) Claracy Sorrells, brn c1800, married William Petty 9 February 1818 in Butler County, believed to be son of Theophalus Petty,Sr.
(02) Peggy Sorrells, born 1802, married John Petty 23 December 1820 in Butler County, believed to be son of Theophalus Petty,Sr..


"Pioneer Families of Butler County Kentucky South of the Green River"

by Merriel Russ Austin and Hazel Russ Rouk; Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore 1992.

Census and Tax records, Butler and Ohio Counties Kentucky,
History of Bell County Texas, by George W. Tyler, page 103.
Marriage records of Butler County Kentucky.
Additions and corrections to these pages are welcome.


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