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Family of James and Dollie Crider Herridge

James Tilman Herridge 1865-1906

James Tilman Herridge was born on 6 October 1865 in Tishomingo County Mississippi. He was the first child born to the second family of William Christmas Herridge and his second wife, Lucy Rickets. He came to Texas with his family at about the age of thirteen. They settled on the banks of the Colorado River near the town of "old" Bluffton in Llano County.

James married Dollie Harriet Crider in Llano County, on 24 June 1888. Dollie was born 0n 10 March 1871 to John and Harriet Crider, but was raised by Thomas and Rosanna Prichard. She also grew up in or near Bluffton, and I expect the Herridges' and the Prichards' were close neighbors.

James and Dollie had seven children:

Walter James Herridge, born 13 May 1889 in Bluffton, Llano County Texas. Died 20 January 1953, burial in Pleasant Hill Cemetary, Lake Victor,Burnet County Texas. he married Iris Elizabeth Hughes on 29 October 1916 in Burnet County.Iris was born on 9 September 1894, died 14 April 1981. She was the daughter of C.P. and Wanda Hughes.Walter and Iris had four children, one died infant.

Willie Armour Herridge, born 20 October 1891 in Bluffton, Llano County Texas. Died 8 August 1970 in Medesto, California. She married (1st) John Perkins Key on 13 April 1910 in Llano County.Willie and John had three children.John Key was born about 1876 in Texas, died about 1918, burial in Union Valley near Nixon, Texas. He was the son of John Perkins Key and Mildred Rebecca Hurt.
Willie married (2nd) James E. "Jim" Albritton on 9 July 1920 in Burnet County Texas. They had four children, one died infant.

George Thomas "Tom" Herridge, born 31 July 1894 in Burnet County Texas. Died 12 October 1964 in Burnet County, burial in Bluffton Cemetary, Llano County Texas. He married Lena Mae Wyatt on 2 February 1920 in Winters, Runnells County Texas. Tom and Lena had four children.
Lena Mae was the daughter of Marcus "Mark" Wyatt and Mary Jane Pierce, she was born on 5 August 1897 in Burnet County Texas, died 6 June 1983 in Kountz, Texas, and is buried there.

Bettie Elizabeth Herridge, born 18 September 1897 in Bluffton, Llano County Texas. Died 10 June 1979 in Burnet County Texas. She married Vernie Garrett 31 December 1916 in Burnet County . Bettie and Vernie had no children.
Vernie was the son of James Isaac Garrett and Nora Dale Cox, he was born 12 August 1893 in Llano County, he died on 30 August 1972 in Burnet County. Both are buried in the Bluffton Cemetary.

Bessie Anne Herridge, born 5 September 1900 in Bluffton, Llano County, died 12 September 1982 in Corpus Christi, Nueces County Texas. She married Claude Randolph Holstein 8 November 1916 in Burnet County.Bessie and Claude had three children, one died infant.
Claude was the son of William Beaugard Holstein and Roxana Key. He was born 26 January 1884 in Gonzales County Texas, died 12 April 1948 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Both are buried in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Myrtle Rosie Herridge, born27 June 1903 in Bluffton, Llano County Texas, died 18 October 1974 in Burnet County Texas. She married Dewey Garrett on 20 May 1922. They had three children.
Dewey was the son of James Isaac Garrett and Nora Dale Cox. He was born about 1896 in Llano County Texas, died 20 March 1969 in Burnet County. Both are buried in the Bluffton Cemetary.

Maggie Elvie Herridge, born 27 April 1906 in Bluffton Llano County Texas, died 14 August 1949 in Wichita Falls, Texas, burial, Riverside Cemetary in Wichita Falls. She married Chesley Coy "Check" Albritton in Wise County Texas in1928. They had seven children.
Chesley was the son of James E. "Jim" Albritton and Anne Graham. He was born 21 November 1908 in Wise County Texas, died 11 January 1974 in Kilgore, Texas.

The new year of 1906 found this family stricken down with Typhoid Fever. Almost the entire family was sick with this dreaded disease that swept the countryside. All recovered but James, getting up too soon, had a relapse and died on the 29th day of January. He was buried in the "old" Bluffton Cemetary, and his was one of the graves moved to the new cemetary location in 1936.
Dollie was now a widow, six months pregnant with their youngest child, Maggie.

Dollie was a widow for nine years when she married Jordan Wyatt, III on 11 April 1915 in Burnet. Together they had two children: Verlie Dorine Wyatt and Lowell Curtis Wyatt

Dollie died on 2 January 1955 at the home of her daughter, Bettie Garrett. She is buried in the Bluffton Cemetery.

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Family interviews.
Marriage records, Burnet and Llano Counties.
Birth and death records Burnet and Llano Counties.

*The new Bluffton Cemetary is located on RR 2241 between Buchanan Dam and Llano.
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