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Daniel Shelton 1729- 1809

Generation Two

Daniel Shelton, was the youngest child of Ralph and Mary (Crispin) Shelton He was born 17 May 1729 and baptised 22 June 1729 in Christ Episcopal Churc in Middlesex County VA. He was only five years old when his father died. When his mother and older brothers began their migration to Amelia County he had just turned sixteen. There is no record of his marriage but it took place in Amelia County several years later. His wife's name was Lettice, but there is no documentation of her surname. In Amelia County he purchased one hundred acres from his brother John Shelton on 19 July 1750 located on Ready Branch and the Great Nottoway River. In 1751 he bought an additional forty acres in the forks of the Nottoway River and kept this land many years until the formation of Nottoway County in 1788.

His move to join his family's migration to Pittsylvania County came before 1770. He received the bulk of his mother's estate when her will was probated in Pittsylvania County in 1771 although it had been written several years earlier in Amelia County. He was named sole executor. On 16 June 1775 when the Patriot County Committee of Safty was formed, he was chosen to serve on it with his brother Crispin and two of Crispin's sons. He was appointed a Captain in the Revolutionary troops forming in the county at this time and was promoted to the rank of Major in 1778.

Through the years Daniel was involved in many land transactions which included a morgage on land for his nephew Abraham Shelton. In the tax records of 1782 he was listed with a family of eleven, one dwelling house, six other buildings and four hundred acres of land. As his sons reached adult-hood he shared his acreage with them. On 21 April 1788 he deeded one hundred acres which adjoined the corner of Spencer Shelton's line to his eldest son Young Shelton. On 16 April 1796 he gave eighty acres each to son's Leroy and Daniel, Jr.and fifty acres to son Tunstall. All this land was along Whitethorn Creek, northwest of Chatham. By 1798 Daniel's personal holdings were down to eighty one acres after these gifts.

Daniel's will was written 7 March 1808 and proven 18 September 1809 when he died shortly after turning eighty. His heirs included daughters Susannah Shelton, Millicent Taylor, Ann Bailey, Sally Payne, Polly Shelton and the children of deceased daughterClara Shelton. A bequest to granddaughter Jane Askew Shelton (one of Young's children) generously included one slave, a feather bed, large trunk and other furniture. Daniel's widow Lettice received nine negros, furniture and all the horses, cattle, hogs and sheep. His will contained legacies to his sons Young, Leroy, Daniel, Jr., Tunstall and Willis' children. Other court record records reveal son John Willis Shelton was deeply in dept at this point which would account for his portion being divided among his children instead. The sons were to divide the slaves after their mother Lettice's death but keep them in the family.They were instructed to "give old negroes Bob and Easter the privilege of being eith who they please as long as they live in the family as it is contrary to the laws of my country to free them." Sons Young and Tunstall were executors.

Children of Daniel and Lettice Shelton were:

1. Susannah Shelton, (eldest child) was born early 1750's in Amelia County VA. Married her first cousin, Armistead Shelton (son of Crispin Shelton) on 1 September 1774.

2. Clara (Clary) Shelton, born 1754 married her first cousin, Spenser Shelton (son of Crispin Shelton) in 1770. She ore-deceased her father and her children are named in the will.

3. Millicent Shelton, married 1 April 1775 Edmund Taylor

4. Anna Shelton, married a man with surname Bailey.

5. Sally Shelton, married Thomas Payne on 16 October 1795.

6. Polly Shelton (youngest child) was born in the 1770's , married 16 October 1795 Frederick Shelton the (son of Abraham Shelton).

7. Young Shelton, (oldest son) married his fist cousin Henrietta Shelton (d/o James Shelton) in Lunenburg County on 13 December 1784. He married 2nd Elizabeth (Betsy) Lewis on 12 February 1795.

8. Leroy Shelton, (second son) born early 1760's, died 1847. Didn't marry until he was nearly forty years old. He wed Nancy Lanier 29 july 1799 in Henry County VA. They were the parents of seven daughters.

9. Daniel Shelton, Jr., ( see generation three)

10. Tunstall Shelton, (fourth son) born in 1760's, married Fannie Payne (gd/o of John Shelton) in 1794.

11. John Willis Shelton, (youngest son) always went by his middle name "Willis" He married Charlotte Shelton (d/o John Shelton).

Generation Three

Daniel Shelton, Jr., was the thrid son of Daniel and Lettice Shelton. He was born sometime in the 1760's. His first marriage was 21 July 1785 to Elizabeth Garner. There are no known children to this union. His second marriage was 18 June 1792 to Martha Keatts, brother Leroy Shelton as bondsman. He received a parcel of land from his father Daniel Shelton, Sr. in 1796. Court records of August 1808 show Daniel, Jr. in debt with his brother Willis. He died intestate by October of 1825 and his widow Martha was still receiving annual accountings of his estate finances in 1842. Martha herself lived to an extreme old age as a document dated January 1863 refers to her at that time as having been dead about three months.

Children of Daniel and Martha were:

1. Richard P. Shelton, born 1793, married martha D. Keatts 1814. curiously his wife had the same name as his mother. (no know kinship)

2. John Grasty Shelton (see generation four)

3. Polly C. Shelton, born 1801, never married.

4. Bird B. Shelton, born 1805, died 1881, married 1834 Elery M. Shelton (d/o Young and Betsy Shelton).

5. Henry F. Shelton, born 1805, married 1834 Letty Shelton (d/o Young and Betsy Shelton).

6. Daniel Shelton, III, born 1808, married 1832 Caly Stone Shelton.

7. Morton Pannell Shelton, born 1811, second married Elizabeth Ann Barrett in 1857. (1st wife ukn).

8. Sally G. Shelton, married Littleberry Lewis in 1813.

9. Parskill Shelton, born 1814 or 1817. Married Rebecca Jane. According to the marriage record her maiden name was Mustain. However on her death record in 1885 her name was listed as Treadway.

Generation Four

John Grasty Shelton, born 1798, married 1823 Mildred Payne. . John Grasty Shelton left many descendants in Pittsylvania County to the present day, his parentage was never known until the discovery of one document among many pertaining to his father's estate. One Chancery Court Order book listed him as one of a group of siblings which comprised Daniel and Martha's children. (see footnotes)

Children of John Garsty and Mildred were:

1. Leroy Daniel Shelton, born 1826, married Mary Brumfield 23 September 1855.

2. Parthena M. Shelton, born 1832, married Achilles Farthing 14 November 1861.

3. Benjamin A. Shelton, born 1839, married Sarah F. Hines 12 September 1861.

4. James C. Shelton, born 1841, married Eliza A. Hines 14 june 1868.

5. John W. Shelton, born 1843, Susan C. Shelton (d/o Bird and Elery Shelton) 25 September 1870.

6. MaryShelton, born 1844.

7. Alexander Shelton, born 1845.

8. Oliver H. Shelton (see generation five)

9. Jesse Shelton, born 1850, Paulina Shelton (d/o Lewis and Jane Shelton) 20 October 1870. Married 2nd Susan M. Shelton (d/o Henry and Letty Shelton).

10. Charles H. Shelton, born 1852, Married Sally J. Tucker 17 January 1875.

Generation Five

Oliver H. Shelton, born 1846, married Susan Mays 3 March 1870. He married 2nd Mrs. Bays 19 December 1889.

Children of Oliver H. and Susan were:

1. Meakie Shelton, born 1878, married Jesse M. Keesee 12 November 1899.

2. Robert Anderson Shelton, born 1875, married Bertha L. Groff 17 January 1905.

3. Jesse S. Shelton, born 1877.

4. Mary E. Shelton, born 1878, married T.N. Forloines 16 September 1896.


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