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My Banks Line

William M. Banks 1866-1927

(01) William M. Banks was born 4 July 1866, reported birthplace on the census as South Carolina. Parents unknown.
He married Alice V. Rutledge, 8 October 1887 in Richmond County Georgia. Alice, born 16 September 1867 in (Tennessee on census), was the daughter of William Dean Rutledge and Susan V. Johnson.

NOTE: Please take a moment to view this photograph.

William and Alice followed her family to Texas about 1893, and are on the 1900 census of Williamson County.
They settled down to farm on the Thomas H. Reaves place near the Williamson/Burnet County line not far from the little town of Briggs, in Burnet County. This farm which took in both counties has since been divided among the Reaves heirs. The section on which stands the old Banks "homeplace" now belongs to Tom Ackensen.

William and Alice had eight children, two died in childhood. The first two were born in Augusta, Richmond County Georgia. All the other children were born in Texas, and probably on the Reaves Farm. They are:


(02) Ella M. Banks, born c1889 in Richmond County Georgia, died c1893.

(02) Susie Regina Banks, born 4 August 1891, died 6 September 1967 in Lampasas, Texas. Married Cyrus Waite "Cye" Shelton in 1913. Cye was born in Pulaski County Kentucky on 20 August 1878, was the son of Fielden Shelton and Lucinda Whitis.

(03) Floyd Phelan Shelton
(03) Dayton Earl Shelton
(03) Walker Banks Shelton
(03) Leona Alice Shelton

(02) Ruth B. Banks, born 10 April 1893 in Texas, died 27 June 1960 in Wichita Falls, Texas. She married George J. Pender on 30 April 1913 in Williamson County Texas. George was born on 14 May 1893, died 13 August 1943. No children.

(02) Lillie Mae Banks, born 12 September 1894 in Texas, probably in Williamson County. She died on 5 September 1916, buried at Prairie View Cemetery in Burnet County. She married Elmer A. "Buster" Harrison on 30 April 1913 in Williamson County.

(03) William Howard Harrison

(02) Bertha Viola Banks, born 24 February 1896 in William County Texas, died 2 January 1964 in Sweetwater, Texas. She married Elmer Sullivan about 1919. She married _?_Absher.

(03) Louis George Sullivan
(03) Allie Elmira Sullivan

(02) Allie J. Banks, born 15 December 1897 in Williamson County, died 11 January 1901. She is buried at Prairie View Cemetery.

(02) Gracie Lena Banks, born 24 April 1899 in Williamson County Texas, died 3 February 1970 in Wichita Falls, Texas, married Lloyd McQuaid Kinnett Kinnett 11 June 1916 in Lampasas County Texas. Lloyd , born 31 January 1898 in Briggs, Burnet County Texas, was the son of Clarence Virgil Kinnett and Ada Elizabeth Stewart.

(03) Virgil Willie Kinnett
(03) Bernice Otelhia Kinnett
(03) Edward McQuaid Kinnett
(03) James Dale Kinnett

(02) William Franklin Banks, born 29 May 1901 in Williamson County Texas, died on 29 March 1954 in Lampasas County Texas, buried in the Watson Cemetery in Burnet County. He married Myrtle Flossie Kirkpatrick on 1 February 1926 in Lampasas County Texas.
Myrtle, born 10 January 1899, was the daughter of Laban A. Kirkpatrick and Martha Cornelia Dennis, and the granddaughter of John L. Kirkpatrick, an early settler of Burnet County.

(03) Hershel Elmer Banks
(03) Dorothy Mae Banks
(03) Delbert H. Banks
(03) William Franklin Banks, Jr.
(03) Johnny Howard Banks

Alice (Rutledge) Banks died still a young woman on 21 May 1907. She is buried at the Prairie View Cemetery near Briggs in Burnet County.

Following her death William married Alice Petty, a young widow with two boys, James Petty born c1894 and John Petty born c1903. Married in Williamson County Texas in 1910, Alice (Petty) Banks died soon after, and William raised her youngest boy with his own.

William married Cordelia "Delia" Haskel on 28 September 1912 in Lampasas County Texas. They remained on the old Reaves place until about 1918, then moving to a place called The Peak, located between Lampasas and Briggs. William and Delia had one child.

(02) Freddie Howard Banks, born 29 September 1914 in Williamson County Texas, died 1998 in Tarrant County Texas, Married Rosa Gladys Kelly c1935; married Dorothy Juanita Freeman c1942.

Freddie and Rosey had three children:

(03) Freddie Howard Banks, Jr.
(03) Elmer Lee Banks
(03) William Ray Banks

Freddie and Dorothy had four children:

(03) Linda Faye Banks
(03) Robert Louis Banks
(03) Janette Ann Banks
(03) Jimmie Dee Banks

William Banks died on 21 November 1927, and is buried beside his first wife, Alice in the Prairie View Cemetery, as is Alice (Petty) Banks, who died in 1911, and Delia in 1959.
Formerly known as Green's Cemetery, Prairie View is located just a few miles south of Briggs on Highway 183.

The house in which the younger Banks children were raised still stands. Built before the turn of the century and around solid Texas cedar posts that are as stroung today as they ever were. The roof of the porch sags nearly to the ground, but the fireplace made of native stone stands regal and grand in the face of changing history. In the front yard is a spectacular Oak tree, hundreds of years old, it's branches sweeping the ground all around. It stands there in forlorn splender, inviting play. The laughing sounds of these special children long forgotten.....Except for those of us who remember.


Rutledge Family | Johnson Family | Family Photograph


On back of photo:
Southern Photo Co., 702 Broad Street, Augusta,GA
W.M. Edwards, Man'gr

Found in photos belonging to Susie Banks,Shelton


Family interviews.
Census and Tax records: Williamson and Burnet County Texas.
Marriage records of Williamson, Burnet, Lampasas County Texas.

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