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My Atkins Line

Descendants of William and Elizabeth Atkins
(aka Atkinson/Adkins)

Generation One

(01)William Atkins was born c1692. He married Elizabeth Parker 17 January 1715/16 in Henrico County Virginia. Elizabeth, born c1700 in Virginia, was the daughter of Richard and Mitha__?__Parker.

William and Elizabeth had eight children, and maybe more. (?) They are:

(02 Richard Atkins c1717
(02) Parker Atkins c1721- c1794, m. Mary____.
(02) William Atkins c1721-1784, m. Lydia Owens
(02) Joseph Atkins c1725
(02) Jacob Atkins c1725 m. Judah____.
(02) Sherwood Atkins c1728, m. Sarah
(02) Henry Atkins c1730.
(02) Mary Atkins c1735 m. Royal Line.

Generation Two

(02) Henry Atkins was born c1730 in Virginia. He married Rachel (Houchins) Hutchins on 20 January 1756 in Goochland County Virginia. Rachel, born c1730.

Henry and Rachel had the following known children, and possibly others:

(03) Bartlett Atkins c1756
(03) Moseby Atkins c1758
(03) Jesse Atkins c1762
(03) Winston Atkins c1764
(03) Winwright Atkins c1766
(03) Millie Atkins c1768, m. Thomas Serge.


Generation Three

(03) Winston Atkins was born c1764 in Virginia. He married Mollie "Mary" Allen Thacker on 15 December 1798 in Pittsylvania County Virginia. Mollie was the daughter of Nathaniel Thacker and Kesiah Evans.

Winston and Mollie had the following known children:

(04) Casandra"Cassie" Atkins, c1801.
(04) Peter Atkins, c1802, m.
(04) Winwright Atkins c1804
(04) Mary Atkins
(04) Emanuel Atkins, m. Polina McNelly
(04) Fanny Atkins, m. John Conner 1835
(04) Jane Atkins, m. Alson Ford
(04) Harrison Atkins, c1810-15.
(04) Meredith Atkins, c1823.


Generation Four

(04) Peter Atkins was born c1802 in Virginia. He married Priscilla____ c1829 in Tennessee.

Peter and Priscilla had the following known children:

(05) Meredith Atkins c1830
(05) Elizabeth Atkins c1831
(05) Cassandra Atkins c1834
(05) Nancy Atkins c1836, m. Winwright H. Mallicoat 1853
(05) Perlina Atkins c1842
(05) Jeff Atkins c1844
(05) Seth Atkins c1845, m. Nancy Jane Mallicoat 21 March 1859.
(05) John Atkins c1848.

(04) Winwright Atkins was born in Virginia c1804. He married Sarah "Sally" Claunch on 11 November 1828 in Grainger County Tennessee. Sarah was born c1810 in Virginia.

Winwright and Sarah had the following known eleven children, all born in Tennessee:

(05)Gilbert A. Atkins c1830, m.¹Nancy Williams 11 Feb. 1854 in Grainger Co., ²Frances Latham c1874.
(05) Frances Atkins c1833, m.Arvil Helton on 29 July 1851 in Grainger County.
(05) Daniel Atkins c1835, m. ¹Elizabeth Wright 28 November 1855 in Grainger County ²Minna Collins c1893.
(05)Winston "Richard" Atkins, c1837, m. Sarah Daniels 26 September 1855 in Grainger County.
(05) Jestin Atkins c1839, m. Mark Shelton
(05) Mary Atkins c1841.
(05) Archibald B. Atkins c1843, m. Louise Webb.
(05) Sarah Atkins c1846, m. J.L. Collins.
(05) Payton Atkins c1850.
(05) Henderson Atkins c1852.
(05) Wyatt Atkins c1853.

(04) Cassanda "Cassie" Atkins, probably born in Virginia, married John D. Mallicoat on 23 December 1823 in Grainger County Tennessee. John was the son of Dedman Mallicoat and Levina Thacker.

I have four children listed for John and Cassie Mallicoat: Others?

(05) John H. Mallicoat, c1830 in Tennessee
(05) Winston D.Mallicoat, c1832, m. Nancy Gray in Grainger County 23 October 1854.
(05) Winwright H. Mallicoat, c1836, m. Nancy Atkins in Grainger County 31 October 1853.
(05) Meredith Mallicoat.

(04) Harrison Atkins, born c1810-15 in Tennessee, married Lucinda__?__.
I have the following children listed for Harrison and Lucinda Atkins:

(05) Emanuel Atkins, c1832
(05) George Atkins, c1834
(05) Mahalia Atkins, c1837
(05) Mary Atkins, c1839
(05) Fielder Atkins, c1840
(05) Preston Atkins, c1843
(05) Lucinda Atkins, c1845
(05) Louise Atkins, c1848.

(4) Meredith Atkins, born c1823 in Tennessee, m. Rebecca Ray, 10 March 1851 in Grainger County.
I have the following children listed for Meredith and Rebecca Atkins:

(05) Priscilla Atkins c1854
(05) Lewis Atkins c1856
(05) Nancy Atkins c1858
(05) Emanuel Atkins c1860.

Generation Five

(05) Jestin Atkins (aka Jane)was born c1839 in Tennessee, probably in Grainger County. She died about 1904 in Noeton, Tennessee. She married ¹Mark Shelton on 27 August 1857 in Grainger County. Mark was the son of Ralph Shelton and Anne Taylor. He was born in Tazewell, Claiborne County Tennessee on 3 March c1840, died 7 November 1924 in Tate, Tennessee.
Jestin and Mark had only two children:

(06) Fielden Shelton, c1859, m. Lucinda Whitis.
(06) Mark Shelton, c1861.*

Jestin and Mark were obviously divorced before 1871 when he married his second wife, Ollie Quail. Jestin may have married another Shelton ² as she had other Shelton children as recorded in census records.

1900 Grainger County Census ED27 Sheet 13:

Jestin Shelton (head) dob: May 1841, widow, #children 7 living 3, born Tn.
William Shelton (son) Nov. 1868, married, #yrs married 8, born Tn.
Johnny D. Shelton (son) Aug. 1869, (widower ?), born Tn.
Mattilda Shelton (daughter) 1875, married #yrs married 3, mother of 2 living 2, born Tn.
*Harriet Majors (granddaughter) May 1889, single, born Tn.

NOTE: Census records are notoriously errant, and this one is a puzzle. Matilda claims two living children, but no children are listed for her. William claims married 8 yrs., but has no wife or children listed. etc.

Generation Six

(06) Fielden Shelton, born in Grainger County Tennessee, c1859, d. c1883 in Kentucky. He married Lucinda Whitis in Pulaski County Kentucky on 18 October 1877. Lucinda, born on 10 February 1860 in Pulaski County Kentucky was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Whitis and Elizabeth Ann Burton.
Fielden and Lucinda had two sons:

(07) Cyrus Waite "Cye" Shelton, b. 1876, m. ¹Alice Jerrnigan, ²Susie Regina Banks.
(07) Penny Shelton c1880.

Fielden died an untimely death about 1880-82. A family rumor relates the story that he was "lynched". All very hush hush, and no one knows if it was by the law or a mob. It is generally persumed this all happened in Pulaski County.
Not long after, Lucinda and her two small boys moved to Texas with her parents and some of her brothers and sisters. They settled near Kempner in Lampasas County Texas.
Lucinda married twice more, both times to a Smith, who were brothers. She married J.J. Smith on 22 January 1883 in Burnet County Texas. She third married A.M. Smith about 1890.
Lucinda died on 15 July 1921 and is buried near Okalla, Burnet County Texas.

Generation Seven

(07) Cyrus Waite"Cye" Shelton was born in Pulaski County Kentucky on 20 August 1878. He died on 13 December 1952 in Lampasas, Lampasas County Texas. He was married twice.
His first wife was Alice Jernigan, daughter of John Jernigan of Okalla, Texas, they married about 1900.

(08) Cyrus Waite Shelton, Jr
(08) Anne Shelton
(08) Celeste Shelton
(08) Bill Shelton

He second married Susie Regina Banks on 13 December1913. Susie, born on 4 August 1891 in Augusta, Richmond County Georgia was the daughter of William M. Banks and Alice V. Rutledge.

(08) Floyd Phelan Shelton
(08) Dayton Earl Shelton
(08) Walker Banks Shelton
(08) Leona Alice Shelton

Notes and Sources:

*A Mark Shelton married Frances Pointer in Pulaski County Kentucky 1882. Is this the son of Jestin and Mark? Since their son Fielden married in Pulaski County 1877 it seems reasonable. (need more information)
* Harriet Majors married M.A. Collins. (need more information)

Jestin listed as "Jane" Shelton in the 1870 census, Laurel County KY and 1880 Pulaski County KY.

Marriage records: Grainger County Tennessee; Pulaski County Kentucky.
Census and Tax records: Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, Texas.
Civil War Pension record: Mark Shelton, Union Army, H Co., 1st Tn Calvary 1862-1865.
Family interviews

I did not do a lot of in depth research to verify information given to me in the family interviews.
I recommend you do so before accepting as fact.

Additions and corrections to these pages are welcome.

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